Don’t Be a Springless Wagon!

“A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” — Henry Ward Beecher

We can’t let every pebble on the road throw us off. It’s hard enough trying to dodge all the boulders these days. When you are a wagon, you spend the majority of your time staring at the back end of the horse that’s pulling you.

You can trust your equine friend to dodge most of the boulders, but you better make sure your springs (sense of humor) are intact! He doesn’t have time to dodge all the annoying pebbles.

Just sayin’ we have to laugh nowadays, it’s the only sensible choice! You don’t want to realize one day that what you’ve been staring at all this time was actually a mirror.

And while you are hitting all those pebbles, close your eyes and try to EXPERIENCE life sounding like this! (Ludovico Einaudi – Experience)


-photo courtesy of Clark Young on Unsplash-


The Testimony of Few

“Seek not the favor of the multitude; it is seldom got by honest and lawful means. But seek the testimony of few.” — Immanuel Kant

This is exactly how we feel at Roses in the Alley. We are not looking to set records for likes or followers. We were looking for you guys. The first few people to follow us and hopefully get what we are doing. We can’t thank you enough for joining us!

Here’s  a great one to enjoy for a little reminiscing!


Sunday Clothes

Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes.          — Joseph Roux

Whether you are dressed in your Sunday best or don’t get out of your sweats, still take time to pay attention. After all, Truth and Beauty don’t take Sunday off.

What must be done on a Sunday? Not a darn thing we don’t wanna do. The bigger question might be: What do you wanna do, and why? How do you take this day and find the Source of Truth and Beauty before it fades from you?


Stupid Comforting Friends

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.”  — Ralph Waldo Emerson”

Being stupid with your friends can mean so many different things. But it boils down to having that group of people in your life that you can be your stupid self in front of.

Got like zero answers right in a game of heads up? Who cares?  You were funny to watch!

Sounded horrendous with your rendition of “More than a Feeling” when you were in Boston? Who cares? You were funny to hear!

Made just a terrible toast at your best friend’s wedding? Wow, that was hilarious! But who cares? You were funny!

Being around your true friends means not having to put out your best self, or give off any extra energy. It’s just an effortless, wonderfully brilliant (stupid) time that we should all cherish.

The melodies of this song are about as comforting as a night hanging with old friends.


Queen of Maverick Hearts


I must say when I first noticed The Queen of Hearts Pinot Noir at the wine shop, I found it a bit cheesy sounding. However with Tuesday being Valentine’s Day, I gave in to Hallmark and took it home. We were pleasantly surprised! It was actually very good.

The next day it came to me, that this Pinot would pair well with a card movie. So I chose Maverick.

I know he may have turned some people off in recent years, but there’s no denying that Mel Gibson made some great, 90’s-style movies, and this is one.

Mel plays Brett Maverick, a card-playing, gun slinging, bar-brawling…well … maverick, trying to raise money for a poker tournament on a river boat. The character is based on an old television series starring James Garner. I’ll watch anything that Mr. Garner appears in, so thank goodness he took the role of Marshall Zane Cooper in this picture.

The Queen of Maverick’s Heart is a thief, Annabelle Bransford, played by Jodi Foster. Brett believes he is so in tune with the card gods that he can will particular cards to appear. In one scene he picks the Queen of Hearts, which foreshadows he and Bransford’s affair.

So, in the name of love, buy a possibly Hallmark – inspired Pinot Noir. And rent a goofy Western with plenty of plot twists and 90s humor. It’s fun!!

In the spirit of riverboats and western style, listen to “The Mighty Rio Grand” by This Will Destroy You. This band means a lot to me, as they were the first band I ever saw live with my fiancé in Chicago. They were incredible…. Listen to the entire thing if you can.. It tells a story. Just sounds like you are in a movie!