May Flowers’ Colorful Laugh!

May Flowers’ Colorful Laugh!

“The Earth laughs in flowers.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

It must laugh the loudest in May!

The sogginess of April promises to leave us a much more colorful Earth.

We can join in on the laughter by observing the old tradition of May baskets. These are small baskets of flowers or sweets left on someone’s doorstep before scurrying off.

One of the prettiest signs of Summer’s approach is the blooming of the dog rose. This is pretty cool to me considering my dog, Theo, led me to Roses in the Alley late one night in Chicago.

Let’s celebrate with our our colorful May Earth by soaking up all the colors and maybe even with an anonymous act of warmth. We’ll all have a good chuckle as Summer nears.