Late Summer RitA Instagrams

The late Summer Instagrams of RitA as we get ready to change seasons in the Mitten! (@rosesinthealley).

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The Shack -Trash or Treasure
Happy to be free, but not forgetting its past.... *
Shadowbox art
Alarm will sound!
You gotta STAND for something!
Water and Wine

First Principles

First Principles “the fundamental concepts or assumptions on which a theory, system, or method is based.”

The man on the cliff  is staring at the sun while challenging the fundamental fear of falling that we all share. 

Do you see the awe in this picture, or do you honestly see the fear of the fall?

If I’m honest I see AND feel both and I stand in the tension between them.

Elon Musk, the founder of PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX uses “first principles” when he tackles each of his endeavors as an architect for change.  With an open mind for change he goes back to the root of things without fear.  And he looks there for new options.  And he often comes back with dramatic results. 

What is the ultimate root of things for you, awe or fear? Engagement or withdrawal?

First Principles are interesting to consider. So are First Causes, but that’s another post.



Photo by Nicholas Sampson on Unsplash

Transfigure –

TRANSFIGURE – to transform into something more beautiful or elevated.
“the world is made luminous and is transfigured”
Can you remember a time when beauty and truth “burst” into your awareness, and you saw something transfigured before you? Something or someone that “lit up your life” with a new luminosity?
Did you ever have one of those experiences that never really completely faded, never lost the memory of its transcendence?

If you have, you know it, and it remains as though a small part of eternity had pierced the normalcy of life and changed the way you see this world.
And left its mark forever on your soul. 
Photo by Gabriel Barletta on Unsplash


Who’s YOUR buddy?

Who’s your buddy? You have one, don’t you? If you don’t you should get one.

But make sure to pick a good reliable one like this one in the picture.

One that will be there through thick and thin, who won’t judge you or desert you when the going gets rough (or, in this case, gets soiled 🙂 )

Someone you can grow with, who’ll get old with you and will stay with you on the journey no matter what. 

Someone who’s looking the same direction you are!





Photo by: 

Danielle Truckenmiller

Do We Satisfy Our Souls?

“Whatever satisfies the soul is truth.” — Walt Whitman

On the Roses in the Alley website it states: Join us in discovering Truth and Beauty in these strange and difficult times.

Words, pictures, music, people…beauty is all around us. That’s the easy part; you just have to be alive, be aware, look and share. You can’t do that with truth, however.

The kind of truth this great humanist is referring to can only be found by looking inward. Better yet, by listening inward. No one else can truly allow our souls to be satisfied; its up to us.

Whether our truth is to be a great artist, teacher, healer, scientist, or parent, at the end of the day we are the only ones that know. And even though life got in the way, we made the world a better place. Not always an easy thing, but it’s very satisfying.

This quest for truth is very personal, but it’s a beautiful thing to do together. So thanks for joining us!!