Ageing With Wine and Friends!

With Wine and Friends!

“What though youth gave us love and roses, Age still leaves us wine and friends.”
— Thomas Moore

And aren’t our friends like wine in a way? Hopefully, by the time we ourselves have aged, we will have accumulated friends from all different types of terroir (soil).

Like wine our friends come in different varietals and, with any luck, they are all different shades. Friends or grapes,  it’s their genetic makeup and the soil they come from that makes them who they are and why we love ’em.

Maybe we have a sweet one, a dry one, a bubbly one, a bright one, a spicy one… even a zesty one? Whatever their characteristics we keep them around because we enjoy them.

As we age and come into our own we learn to savor the things that make our lives more enjoyable. Maybe the wine brings friends or maybe the friends bring wine. Either way, having a lot of each around sounds like a great way to get older!

Stay close to me!! Red Red Wine by UB40.