Ashes to Ashes

“Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return” – from the liturgical text for Ash Wednesday.

It’s the beginning of the journey, a journey we know well, with its deserts and valleys, but also its meadows and mountains.

Today we enter for a time into the desert that most of us fear, where all we seem to find are ashes and dust, what remains of lost days and dreams. But we also wait in hope for truth and beauty.

And if we were to really look closely enough, we might  find truth and beauty right here, in the very desert, the dust and the ashes that we try so hard to resist experiencing.

This reflection/poem is Inspired by the text from Ash Wednesday in the church calendar. It was written by Phuc Luu, acting by Jeremy Wells, filmed by Josh Spires and music by Aural Method. 



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