Freedom Means

As Ned Hatch and Robert Ratte so cleverly present here, there is a new revolution of freedom. Freedom with responsibility for others: the weak, the vulnerable, the elderly.

Sometimes a small inconvenience in the limits of your personal freedom can make a life and death difference to others.

Check out their video:


Gabriel’s Message

Today, on the Catholic-Christian Feast of the Immaculate Conception, the coming of the Archangel Gabriel to Mary, the Mother of Jesus is the featured Gospel reading. This traditional reading continues the sense of Heaven impacting Earth, Eternity breaking into the experience of the Present in this world.

For those in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Gabriel is no mere quaint, placid spiritual being, but a powerful Messenger who blows a horn to proclaim the coming of the Lord.

As Heaven further unveils Itself, the glorious fanfare expands and envelopes the moment and all of time.

Our Search for Beauty!

In our search for beauty, often we have to lead each other.

A friend of ours found this wonderful artist, revisiting this phenomenal and beautiful piece of music.

We hope that this transforms your day the way that it did ours. And we hope you find the time and ability to support this kind of artistic effort.

Join Roses in the Alley in our continuing search for beauty!

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Follow Me!

Following can be a good thing. Leading can be even better! It all depends on what you are doing and whether you are going somewhere important. 

We hear a lot about Christians these days not living up to their faith. It seems that the worst of us are defining the rest of us. 

But it was really pretty simple in the beginning. He said, “Follow me.” 

The question is, do we do that? How can we lead  if we have not learned to follow? 

We still have something important to do. Maybe we start with actually following….

Let’s Celebrates Us!

Please post your favorite family Easter pics with us here!

Let’s Celebrate You and Us!  The core meaning of Spring is to Celebrate Life. The core message of Easter is to Celebrate an Eternal Life of Victory! 

And that includes celebrating you and us, exactly as we are. Today you will post a lot of pictures because it is a day of babies, children and joy!  Please post your favorite one here, so we can Celebrate You!

Here is a free song for you as an Easter Gift:    A Song of Celebration!