Commencement – the beginning of a new phase in our life.
We often think of and reflect back on graduations from elementary school, high school, college and advanced studies. We are so proud of our children, spouses and significant others, especially when they graduate “magna cum laude” and “summa cum laude”(with great honors and with greatest honors). This is a time for celebration of the great achievements of years of concentrated effort!
Graduations are also moments of radical change, of leaving what has been known as “our life” for years, and starting a new journey; – times for shedding support systems and adding new ones, and preparing for a new beginning as we “commence” the next leg of our journey.
We experience these times as “pivot points” for them and for us. The markers along the road signal new adventures, but also speak of caution and warn of significant changes in direction, as the terrain often shifts dramatically upward.
With this can come an unwelcome anxiety: Can I do the next leg as well as the last? Does it get harder, and can I become stronger? When do I get to rest on my honors and say “It is enough”? Who will be there for me this time when the going gets rough?
In all of this family and very true friends continue to be the rock that we can stand on to look out to the future with confidence. We know that we are about to commence again on a new journey that can be more enlightening and empowering than the last!

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