Day of Memorial (Jour des Soldats Morts au Champ d’Honneur)

Memorial Day

This week’s pairing is a Memorial Day tribute and, though France is known for its wine, this week we’ve made a change.

Given the famous Invasion of Normandy scene in this outstanding WWII picture, we thought the farm cider from Normandy would be much more appropriate for our pairing.

They don’t make much wine in Normandy, as the weather is too volatile. They are world-renowned for cider, however.  So we made the adjustment.

We are pairing Cidre Fermier Brut with Saving Private Ryan.

This beautiful, less-trafficked area of France is a great place to take the Normandy Cider route while you reflect on World War II.

This delicious, dry cider is produced in the Calvados department of Normandy. This is the same region that is home to the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial which appears in the opening and closing of this picture.

Possibly in some way you can participate in the joy the local farmers must have felt when they were liberated by the GIs and shared their cidre fermier with them to celebrate!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend !
(Jour des Soldats Morts au Champ d’Honneur)!