Is God in the Hurricane?

How many times have I heard: “Where is God in this tragedy?” When in the aftermath of one hurricane and another seems to be bearing down on you, it becomes an urgent question. 

After all, we see God in the beauty of Nature and many of us remark about that with others.  But what about the ugly and tragic natural events?  Do we see God in the Hurricane?

For me there are far too many simplistic answers to this question that fall apart when you look very closely at them. Every respectable and unrespectable doomsdayer will have his or her say for sure.  The “good pray-ers” after all should be spared and the “infidels” chastized  🙁

The trouble is that nowhere in the Gospels would you find this notion. You have to reach back to the tribal God of the early Hebrews to find this idea.

The only workable answer that I can muster is to just  be thankful for the days that we have, and pull together to help each other in the horrific days that we must endure because of the Nature of this planet.  

And then, yes, I think that we can say that God is there in the Hurricane in the nature of our care and sharing. Compassion is where He is best found.


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