The Bicicleta Thief

I have always been an admirer of the late Roger Ebert’s taste in classic films. So when I came across The Bicycle Thief on his list of great movies, this pairing came quite easily…

Cono Sur

My co-worker,Thomas, who has impeccable taste for wine, recommended Cono Sur Bicicleta Cab to me months ago. He was not wrong! It is delicious and for the price, it has no equal.

In the Italian cinematic classic, The Bicycle Thief, Ricci has to tell a little fib that he owns a bicycle, which is necessary for the job. He was living in an impoverished post-war Italy at the time. You gotta tell a little white lie to help support your family…so what? Thanks to his clever wife he is able to get his old bicycle back and head to work.

The owners of Cono Sur named their wines Bicicleta to honor their hard working employees. The ones that have tended to all  those vines via bicycle for years to keep everything as natural as possible.

The most memorable of scenes in the film is PaPa taking his son, Enzo, out for pizza and a splash of wine that they can’t afford. Something I’d like to think the workers at Bicicleta get to do from time to time.

It only seems right to enjoy this affordable wine while watching this man’s struggle for his family.

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