The Bugle Awakens!

Bugle of the Angels


The film and wine pairing for the weekend is Le Clairon des Anges with Awakenings.

The wine’s name translates to The Bugle of the Angels.

Some of my favorite styles of wine in the world are from the Rhone  Valley in France. And some of my favorite movies are of the platonic love variety, like this one.  Robert de Niro and Robin Williams make a great pair in this inspiring true story.

As an instrument, the bugle is most famous for its wake up call. The name of that tune is “Reveille”, french for “WAKE UP!!” The bugle has blared wake up to the troops for centuries.

Without divulging too much, there’s a great scene in this movie when members of the mental hospital wake up to their favorite melodies.  I will say that tunes that prompt the patients’ awakening are much more pleasant than the bugle’s blare the soldiers’ awaken to, but the theory still strikes the same chord…….

Music flat-out wakes us up.

Let the spice notes from this fruit-driven Cotes du Rhone enliven your senses while you watch Awakenings.  I hope you feel awake and alive after it!!