UnGrace – Broken Pots and UnLife

Broken Pots and Unlife

“Like a spiritual defect encoded in the family DNA, ungrace gets passed on in unbroken chains.” – Philip Yancey

Many people live as broken earthen vessels (pots) and experience unlife or a life that is little more than a struggle to survive.

This unlife is really not the direct result of financial poverty, but of emotional and interpersonal poverty. It’s more like a dark cloud that sits over a family for generations. 

I’m sure that you’ve seen it, if you have not personally experienced it. It can be caused by domestic violence, by alcoholism, by negativism, or more basically, by neglect.

So, how do we deal with this ungrace and unlife? I think the most straightforward way is by finding grace and life wherever we can and intentionally sharing it. It could be by smiling at someone, by lending a listening ear, by spending moments discovering another person, by sharing stories, by positive banter and humor. It isn’t really that hard to get started. It requires only personal presence and peace.

Roses in the Alley chooses to share this by building a community of art – pictures, film, stories and music.

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Lights in the Alley (Chicago 2016)