We Should Still Listen to MLK!!!


“We must concentrate not merely on the negative expulsion of war but the positive affirmation of peace.” — Martin Luther King, Jr, Nobel Lecture

Peace is a living thing that requires affirmation just as much as we humans do. It cannot flourish without it.

Unfortunately, many of us humans go far too long without the affirmation that we need. Many of the unaffirmed look to replace this necessity with self-affirming things like money, power, and fame.

And those are the types of people that are running our world presently. Which brings us back to the affirming of peace.

It’s not enough to be anti-war, we have to be pro-peace. We have to breathe the affirmation into the organism that is peace in order for it to live…and THRIVE!!

And if that means acting like it is 1964 again when Dr. King won the Nobel Peace Prize and led a revolution, then so be it! It’ll be a good version of going back in time as opposed to the one we are currently witnessing.